E2E Plus

Taking E2E to its logical next step, and ensuring forward linkage with the market and employment, ESDECS runs a placement linked skills training programme called E2E Plus. Currently E2E Plus trains candidates in Retail, Hospitality and BPO. Interested candidates are first screened to ensure that they are suited to either of these services sector units. They are then taken through a 40-day integrated training that includes entry gate tests, Mid term and final assessments.


The E2E Plus initiative utilizes the network of E2E schools to identify and mobilize the right profile of candidates. Quite a number of schools have shown active interest in sending their students for this training post which they will be placed in the industry. Work has started with Ramkrishna Mission, Nimpeeth where a total of 117 students were interviewed out of which some 34 have been shortlisted. The second school where a similar activity has been conducted is Maladang Seherakuri Bangashidhar High School in Bolpur. Here too some 70 students appeared for entry gate assessment out of which 42 were shortlisted. All these shortlisted candidates will be taken through a 40-day training from Jan 31st, 2016.

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